An A+ gesture: Student offers to give test points to classmates with lowest score

Photo by: Winston Lee

WHITESBURG, Ky. — A student's heartwarming note asking the teacher to give his five bonus points to classmates went viral.

2020年欧预赛赛程It was the WWII exam day. As Winston Lee, a history teacher at Letcher County Central Highs School in Kentucky, collected exam papers from students, he noticed an asterisked note on one paper. He took a picture of the note by an unnamed student and posted it on Facebook.

"One of my guys, a straight A+ guy, offers up his 5 bonus points to someone in need. Anyone. Totally offering up what is rightfully his, his earning, to any peer that may have been struggling especially hard the day of the test," Lee wrote in a Facebook post.

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The note read: "If you could, can you give my bonus points to whoever scores the lowest?" The student scored 94% in the test. The bonus points would have bumped his score up to 99%.

"This note gave me so much hope. Let us all be a little more like this young man!" .

2020年欧预赛赛程The post has since been shared and liked tens of thousands of times. People commented on social media to applaud the selflessness of the student.

2020年欧预赛赛程"This is the way everybody should act! Be kind to everyone!" One person .

The test points that the student offered to give away helped another student who scored 58% to pass the test. Lee that many of their students come from low-income households and often face difficult circumstances," but they "never cease to amaze."

"Oddly enough, I was the one taught a lesson that day," .