Indiana man watches his pick-up truck get stolen with late daughter's belongings inside

(Daniel Sibley via WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — An Indianapolis father needs the public's help locating his pick-up truck, which was stolen Friday morning right under his nose.

Daniel Sibley had his truck parked in the 2000 block of Southeastern Avenue on the city's east side. He told Eyewitness News that he pretty much watched the thief get away with it. He cherished the truck because that is how he got around with the love of his life, his recently passed 2-year-old daughter Kinsley.

2020年欧预赛赛程“She was my best friend. She was my everything,” said Sibley.

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Sibley shared video of his daughter Kinsley, who passed away just last Saturday. Now, the theft of his truck has been another huge loss and it’s not just because it’s his only mode of transportation.

He lost his daughter knowing doctors had only given her a limited amount of time to live because of her being diagnosed with a fatal childhood disease.

“She was actually the only child in Indiana with Tay-Sachs disease. She was my best friend, my everything," Sibley said.

Tay-Sachs disease is a rare disorder passed from parents to their child. It's caused by the absence of an enzyme that helps break down fatty substances. These fatty substances, called gangliosides, build up to toxic levels in the child's brain and affect the function of the nerve cells.

Sibley woke up Friday morning after hearing the engine on his Black 2001 Dodge Ram 4 x 4 pick-up.

“I ran outside and I literally touched my truck as it was driving away,” said Sibley, “I mean, another half-second, I probably could have jumped into the bed."

Sibley has been devastated ever since because that's not the worst of it. Almost everything he had to remember his daughter is gone, too.

“The devastating part is that her car seat, all her clothes, all her belongings, her birth certificate, everything was in the truck, so it's a real bad time for me right now,” said Sibley.

Sibley not only shared photos of his stolen truck, but also how he planned to add lettering and colors in memory of Kinsley. She is also being remembered with special t-shirts he had made that were also stolen with the truck.

“I want to get her truck back, especially before her funeral,” he said.

If you have any information that could help in this case, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.