Ohio couple aboard cruise ship with 21 confirmed COVID-19 cases

Dayton couple among thousands quarantined on cruise ship

For Ohio couple Alan and Amy Doty Kilbourne, the small window in their room aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship has become their sole view to the outside world.

The Dayton couple is among three thousand others quarantined because of more than 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in staff members and ship passengers.

“We actually just got approval from the CDC for us to leave our room, ” Doty Kilbourne said.

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2020年欧预赛赛程“We haven’t been out of our room without sunshine and fresh air.”

The pair says they are still aboard the ship that took them on their 14-day Hawaiian cruise and they are taking things one day at a time. The couple says food is being rationed and the staff on board is being stretched thin.

2020年欧预赛赛程“Now everyone is getting room service and you can just tell they don’t have the manpower for it.”

2020年欧预赛赛程The Kilbourne’s say they are being told passengers will begin debarking Monday morning and the process could take as many as three days with passengers in need of medical care leaving first. They say they are hearing the quarantine may continue at an air force base and continue for another 14 days.

“I’m not highly concerned that we will contract it, I’m more concerned for those folks that are older that it seems to affect and that may have multiple medical issues,” Kilbourne said.

The ship is scheduled to dock in California on Monday.