Rare heart condition claims life of Georgia infant who fought it her entire 3 weeks of life

Gracelyn Webb's family had been in search of a pediatric surgeon who could repair her heart. (Image Source: 11Alive)

ATLANTA (11 Alive)2020年欧预赛赛程 — Gracelyn Webb was in a race against time from the moment she was born. And, with the help of doctors and the love of her family, she fought for three weeks.

2020年欧预赛赛程Sadly, the little girl's family said on Saturday that their precious child had died. The family had been in search of a pediatric surgeon who could take on the incredible task of fixing her heart.

Gracelyn was born with a rare form of congenital heart disease2020年欧预赛赛程 and her family said doctors told them that her heart had an uncountable number of holes.

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Doctors put Gracelyn on a machine that acted as her heart and lungs. Most patients are on it for three or four days to allow their hearts to recover. Little Gracelyn remained on it for 14 days.

2020年欧预赛赛程In that time, doctors did everything they could to help her. And her loving parents remained close at her side. But it soon became even more clear that little Gracelyn's struggle was growing ever greater.

2020年欧预赛赛程, who reported on her condition, said that little Gracelyn touched many lives with her courage, bravery, and strength.

2020年欧预赛赛程And those traits continue to have a lasting impact on each of them - even after she's gone.